Therapeutic Style and Philosophy

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My Approach

I believe — what draws people to seeking therapy is the feeling of being stuck in the same, unhelpful patterns. We all come to these patterns and issues from various sources; genetics, environment, imbalanced brain chemistry, family dynamics, etc. I want to help you find freedom from these unhelpful patterns by identifying psychological and emotional barriers and provide tools to sustain progress and growth by increasing self-awareness.

I became a therapist in order to help people find a better relationship to themselves and to figure out what is getting in the way. So often, when things are out of whack in our lives, it manifests in how we feel about ourselves, our bodies, our relationships with others, etc. I approach my work with my clients with the genuine belief all people are worthy and capable of change. 


I utilize — a psychodynamic approach which helps us understand underlying thoughts, feelings and experiences which influence our behaviors.

I also integrate helpful skills and tools from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) perspectives. I use whatever modality is more appropriate and I tailor the treatment specifically for each person’s goals.